Bit-Wizards got its start like a lot of companies - a couple of guys talking over dinner about how they could make a better mouse trap sketching out ideas on a napkin. In late 1997, Vincent Mayfield and Louis Erickson began laying the groundwork for a company where innovation and creativity could flourish while adhering to proven engineering methods.

For the majority of the first year, Bit-Wizards was just the two of them working from a home office in Austin, Texas on a single project until they decided to move the new company back home to Florida. Just over a year after incorporating, Bit-Wizards was now located just a few blocks from Vincent’s childhood home in Shalimar, Florida. From 2001 until 2006, Bit-Wizards grew to seven full time employees not including the two founders, Vincent and Louis. Bit-Wizards continued to add on new, larger clients that boosted revenues and created the need for more staff and a larger office.

In 2005, Bit-Wizards achieved the status of Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, becoming the only one within a 150 mile radius. Another move in July of 2006 re-located the company just a few miles down the same road, and now just a few blocks from Louis’ childhood home in Fort Walton Beach. This move included major equipment upgrades to network and mail servers as well as a new phone system into the new office atop the Bank of America building. By 2007, Bit-Wizards client list had grown to include Fortune 2000 companies like Dow Chemical, Motorola, and General Dynamics. The company had become a major software development vendor for Pilot Catastrophe based in Mobile, Alabama and was getting more involved with public facing website development.

After working as the main web and graphic design vendor for Bit-Wizards, Five Flags Web Solutions was acquired in 2007. This added its owner to the Bit-Wizards team as Director of Marketing, as well as two additional employees. After developing Microsoft solutions for more than nine years, Bit-Wizards entered into the Microsoft managed partner program in 2009. The staff at Bit-Wizards continues to grow, as we are constantly looking for the most talented developers and designers.